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Kodality provides technical experience in building strong, scalable and world-class web application solutions.

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Several members of our team have 10+ years of experience in healthcare domain.

Currently we are developing HEDA (Health Enterprise Data and Applications), which is a modern web-based hospital information system (HIS) designed to make healthcare services smooth and quick. HEDA fully supports patient treatment and administration, starting from resource planning and first interaction with a patient up to discharge, including treatment and billing flows and advanced reporting.


We have participated in development of software for tax authorities in different countries. Those systems contained management of taxpayers, tax/revenue collection, assessments, refunds, reporting, security solutions, and more.

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Kodality provides FHIR-based interoperability solutions in healthcare domain.

Our open-source FHIR Server has proven itself as stable and reliable interoperability platform. Our team has developed FHIR-based HIS, NHS (National Health Services) and e-Prescription solutions for different regions and countries.


Our team has experience in developing e-commerce software. We have built different systems that operate goods and services as well as ticketing systems for large transport operators. Also we are good at building warehouse design and management solutions.

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We are not limited by the business domains mentioned above and have experience in other areas, such as warehouse management systems, document and process management, etc.

Contact us and we can offer you a custom solution in your specific domain. Usually we tend to choose technologies proven by us and community, but we are always open to experiments.